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世誉产品标识(深圳)有限公司招聘账务实习生_校园招聘信息 工作地点:深圳 有效日期:2016年05月31日 至 2016年06月30日 招聘人数:1 人 职位性质:全职 账务实习生 职位描述: 该职位已过期或已暂停 Worldmark operates around the world as the industry-leading supplier of innovative product identification and decoration technology to the electronics and related industries. We provide the higher standards of quality, service, design and manufacturing support necessary for the fast moving industries we serve. Worldmark has manufacturing facilities in Scotland, Hungary, Netherlands, Mexico and China, with Design Centers in USA, Singapore, and Scotland. We operate as one global organisation and are a dynamic and agile company, dedicated to our commitment to meeting customers’ needs, in each and every location, globally. Our strategically positioned volume manufacturing facilities operate in an environment of continuous improvement for consistent manufacturing excellence. Our facilities are ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and TS 16949 approved. All plants are formally approved by each of our key customers. Worldmark commenced operations as a wholly owned Forgiegn enterprise in May 2000. Our first operation is located in one of China’s most progressive industrial areas the China Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park, 80 km west of Shanghai. State-of-the-art technology and equipment has been installed to provide the China operation with flexography, omega inspection systems, screen printing presses, digital die cutting, power press and forming capabilities. The site is able to offer short lead times, on-site consultation, local label design and the wider range of UL/CSA approved materials giving the region’s electronics manufacturers a level of expertise and support not seen in this area before. Worldmark China also provides systems support including thermal transfer printer integration, customised label design software and barcode scanning solutions together with experienced and bilingual sales and technical personnel. Our global customer focus team, co-ordinate customers global requirements through presentation of new product design concept to new product launch through volumisation and into end of life. Our global ERP systems ensure excellent visibility of requirements, manufacturing, stock and performance Our full compliment of worldwide capabilities includes: Screen printing Flexographic printing Letterpress printing In-line serialization printing (ink jet codes) In-line hot foil stamping Digital printing Thermal transfer printing Tampo printing Security printing Wide web coating (topcoats adhesives) Laminating Die-cutting and finishing Embossing Debossing Forming – Low profile plastics Diamond milling Metal decoration Dome Coating Company Culture Confidentiality: respect private information Consistency: don’t chop and change Commitment: see things through Empowerment: all employees are authorized to STOP what they are doing if something isn’t correct Integrity: treat others the way you would want to be treated Honesty: be honest, open fair and sincere No Politics: say what you think, and mean what you say Responsibility: be a leader; it’s ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them Safety: don’t get hurt, always take care Team Player: we achieve more together than alone Top Management Require Worldmark 4 “E”: bursting with Energy – enormous personal energy – strong bias for action Energize, motivate and excite people about their work ; spread enthusiasm like wildfire by firing up the entire company to maximize company potential EXECUTE– make things happen by delivering results; do what we said we would do; follow through, consistency, repetition Edge– competitive spirit, instinctive drive for speed / impact ; decisive ; making difficult / painful decisions For the business development, Worldmark (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd was established in Jul 2007, main purpose to provide our best services to the customers in South China, Welcome the excellent talents to join us, we will provide a good working environment, harmonious atmosphere, timely development opportunities and the competition welfare for you! 世誉产品标识(深圳)有限公司 世誉产品标识是英国世誉集团(Worldmark)投资的独资企业,是一家电子和其它众多产品标识印制的跨国公司,是的产品标识方案、产品寻查系统和商标印制及其使用原材料的供应商,现已在全球英国、美国、中国、新加坡、爱尔兰、匈牙利、 荷兰、芬兰、墨西哥等16个国家及地区设立有分公司、研发中心及销售和技术服务中心。 世誉产品标识目前在中国拥有一千多名员工,公司在深圳,厦门,北京,天津和上海设有技术和销售服务中心。 世誉产品标识(深圳)有限公司于2007年成立,属于英国独资企业。现欢迎有识之士加盟我们的团队,公司将提供良好的工作环境,和谐的工作氛围,适时的发展机遇以及具有竞争力的工资福利待遇。本公司实行5天工作制。加班以劳动法平时1.5倍 , 周末2倍 , 假日三倍. 提供住宿(不扣任何费用),另提供餐费补贴,周未加班和平时加班超过三小时,另有7元/餐的补贴。每满一年有7天有薪年假和3天全薪病假. 公司为全部员工买综合医疗保险,所有员工依法享有婚假,产假,陪产假等。 根据经营状况,全体员工都有机会享受年终双薪。公司的主要业务范围 模切 轮转机印刷 凸版印刷 丝网印刷 数字式印刷 热转移印刷 胶片覆盖上层涂料和粘合剂 覆膜印刷 冷压垂型冲床 热压 模内装饰印刷 滴晶 钻石研磨 激光切割/标记 软件开发 企业文化 诚实:诚实、公开、公正、忠实 正直:用你所期望被对待的方式对待他人 守信:言出必行 保密:尊重机密信息 承诺:有始有终 授权:每位员工都有权关注和纠正每一个错误过程,竭尽全力达到客户要求 允许分歧:在公正和尊重的前提下,允许分歧 努力工作,享受生活:劳逸结合 安全:保护自己,不受伤害 团队合作:团队的成就大于个人 负责:勇于承担责任,从错误中吸取经验 始终如一:不随意更改既定目标 直言不讳:说你所想,不拐弯抹角 要求员工的四个“E” 精力- 精力充沛,雷厉风行 感召力- 能够激励他人,对工作充满热情并具有感染力 执行力 – 能够以实际结果落实行动计划,说到做到,及时跟进,始终如一,坚持不懈 魄力- 具有竞争精神,追求效率及结果;果断并能够在压力下作出正确的决定 公司提供整洁、舒适无尘的工作环境,和谐的工作氛围,适时的发展机遇以及优厚的工资福利待遇,热烈欢迎有识之士加入这个崭新的舞台,实现您的人生梦想! 用英文发布的职位信息,请求职者必须提供英文简历,以方便外籍同事阅读,谢谢合作! 企业网址:http://www.worldmark.com 福州监控摄像机品牌大全